There were always dogs in the house, but if horses were a bit smaller, then they too would definitely live with us...
The first cavis was "Max" - Tony Roksana Begred - in Spring 2002 we only went to see him, because I have never seen a dog like that live. And well, it happened... I feel in love with him from first sight. Max was my real friend.

When we decided to go to America, there was no other option but to take him with us. You do not leave your friends behind after all... After five years, Max was joined by another friend "Goldi" - Anastazja Sylena, because he could not be left alone when we left for work.
And so our life went on between the two continents, the dogs of course always flew with us here and back.
After five years I matured towards buying a show dog and trying my hand in the American rings. And I got hooked on it... and this was how the cute, little "Lusia" came to us.
Later "Chanel" appeared who took up residence at my mom's in Poland.
Next we adopted a scruffy and a very neglected poor thing called Kaszmirka.
My dream was that of another dog - a boy. And it happened, I brought to my mom a wonderful, cute, little devil - "Amberek".
That is how I assembled my four-legged family...

My love for this most wonderful breed in the world, however, began with Him - Max, that is why his name is in the kennel's name.
Finally, I would like to thank my wonderful mom, thanks to whom all of my dreams can come true...